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AHA Boring specialises in a range of boring projects that include gas pipeline installations, installation trenchless crossings and culvert replacement. We have undertaken projects for various companies as well as completed boring projects underneath major roadways.

Our Key Auger Boring Projects

  • Roma East Backbone Gas Pipeline 2018 - AHA Boring were awarded the package for multiple trenchless crossings for gas pipeline services. Crossings consisted of diameters from 600mm – 900mm and lengths up to 90m. Crossings were completed without incident and on time.
  • Clough Mitchel / Origin - Condabri, Talinga, Orana (CTO) Asset Gathering Network & Wellsite Package - AHA Boring installed multiple trenchless crossings for gas services on this project to allow services to cross local roads without disruption to traffic. Difficult ground conditions were one of the obstacles encountered with rock exceeding 40MPa UCS. The crossings were successfully completed on time and without incident by our skilled site crews.
  • FB Contracting for Narrabri Water Supply Augmentation - AHA Boring installed in excess of 200 meters of trenchless crossings under both road and rail services. All works were completed under budget and on time.
  • Fulton Hogan Seymoure Whyte Joint Venture - AHA Boring installed over 200 meters of 750mm - 900mm steel case under the Bruce Highway for the road upgrade for the CR2SM project in QLD.
  • Lauren Trunk Line for MPC / QGC (QLD Gas Company) - AHA Boring were awarded the trenchless works for the Lauren Trunk Line package in 2015. There were in excess of 260m of bores over 10 separate crossings.
  • Charlie Trunk Line for MPC / QGC (QLD Gas Company) - AHA Boring were awarded the trenchless works for the Charlie Trunk Line package in 2016. There were in excess of 325m of bores over 14 separate crossings.
  • Culvert Replacements for RoadTek, North QLD - AHA Boring have completed over 120 meters of culvert replacement from 1200mm up to 2400mm in diameter. These crossings were installed with zero disruption under main roads and highways throughout North West QLD. All crossings were completed safely and on time.

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