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At AHA Boring, we can provide an efficient and safe horizontal auger boring service for all of your trenchless crossing requirements in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania. AHA Boring are leaders in the trenchless industry and can supply a variety of services to support Australia’s growing infrastructure. Using the most up to date Auger Boring equipment, AHA Boring has one of the largest ABM’s in Australia. Capable of boring diameters up to 1800mm with over 500 tonnes of thrust, horizontal auger boring is a safe alternative when open trench excavation is not viable. 

We are capable of construction of trenchless crossings and have installed:

  • Gravity Sewers
  • Rising Sewer Mains
  • Stormwater Installations
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Electrical Crossings
  • Pressure Mains
AHA Boring Horizontal Auger Boring Services Pipeline Excavation and Construction
AHA Boring Services Concreting Excavation
AHA Boring Services Two Horizontal Drilling Augers excavating

Pipe Jacking

AHA Boring are specialist in the trenchless installation of concrete jacking pipes up to 3000mm in diameter and lengths exceeding 100m Jacking throughout Australia. This method of installation is used in a variety of different conditions, including;

  • ​Railway Crossings
  • Road Crossings
  • Built-up areas
AHA Boring Pipe Jacking Services throughout Australia

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AHA Boring Laser-Guided Tunnelling and Concrete Culvert Installation

Laser-Guided Tunnelling and Concrete Culvert Installations

AHA Boring are specialist in trenchless Installation and are capable of openly faced tunnelling in difficult ground conditions with sizes ranging from 1200mm-3000mm. AHA Boring provides a professional solution that is both safe and effective. By using a custom built open face tunnelling machinery, we can install culverts under almost any obstacle in various ground conditions throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania. Large boulders or buried obstacles can be removed from the face without causing major delays seen with close faced tunnelling machines.
  • Installation of new concrete culverts from 900mm up to 3000mm in diameter.
  • Lengths in excess of 100m.
  • High accuracy as the pipe is installed using laser guidance.
  • The ability to install in poor ground conditions where traditional tunnelling systems would fail.
  • Low disturbance on surrounds and environment.

Concrete Culvert Rehabilitation

AHA Boring are specialist in concrete culvert rehabilitation throughout Australia. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a professional trenching solution that you can be proud of. Depending on the culvert and final design, AHA Boring offer different methods to install replacement culverts effectively which include:

  • Jack new concrete culverts into existing culverts.
  • Remove existing steel culverts completely whilst replacing with new reinforced concrete pipework.
  • Clean out heavily built up culverts using our auger boring machines, this is generally much quicker than other methods.
  • Rehabilitate corrugated steel culverts.

    The advantages include to concrete culvert rehabilitation include:

    1. No disruption to traffic or other obstacles above culverts.​
    2. The new culvert can provide an improved performance overall.
    3. No lower size limits.
    4. No need to open trench.

      AHA Boring Concrete Culvert Rehabilitation jacking and installation

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      Plate Rolling

      AHA Boring not only specialise in tunnelling we also have the ability to roll large plates in our fully equipped workshop. We have the capability to roll steel plates ranging from 600mm to over 3000mm in diameter. Our plate rolling professionals take care with each plate they roll, providing attention to detail and professionalism which is hard to find anywhere else.

      • Up to 3m wide sections
      • 600mm to 3000mm in diameter
      • Up to 20mm thick plate
      • Accurately sized and shaped
      • Sub Arc welding of the plate and rolled sections are also available

        AHA Boring Plate Rolling services at workshop
        AHA Boring Welding and Fabrication Services

        Welding and Fabrication

        AHA Boring is home to a fully equipped welding and fabrication workshop which can provide solutions for all your needs. We can provide the fabrication of high-quality components and structures for all industries. Our fabrication and welding team specialise in high custom works for a wide array of industries and can provide an efficient solution to your project requirements.

        • Mig / Arc / Tig Welding
        • Automated longitudinal Sub Arc Welding
        • Plate rolling
        • Structural fabrication

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          With over 20 year’s boring industry experience, the team at AHA Boring are leaders in supplying high-quality boring services that meet your earthworks project requirements. Whether you require pipe jacking, concrete culvert rehabilitation, horizontal auger boring and anything else, we know we can assist you. We offer our boring services throughout Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania so give us a call or fill out our online enquiry form today.

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